Creative Direction • Design Mediation • Illustration • Iconography

Clear communication moves customers to action. A well-planned design strategy cements your brand in their minds. This is the hallmark of successful companies. This is what I do.

I'm a freelance designer with a passion for expressing things clearly and beautifully. Using words, pictures and symbols I create powerful identities and marketing materials. The work that I develop presents organizations and individuals in the best possible way. What I cannot produce in-house, I can direct other professionals to create—always keeping my clients' strategy foremost.

I create designed communications for great clients who recognize the leadership role that they play—no matter the size of their company. They are thought leaders who want their organizations to make a positive difference to our planet. My clients recognize that business is part of the global ecosystem. Their organizations have conscience and a powerful will to do good. And, importantly, they like to have fun doing it.

Key to my design work is meaning. It is more than pretty pictures and hand-flapping. I believe that design must convince and engage my client's customer in a meaningful way.

I have experience with many diverse cultures and my multi-cultural and multi-lingual history serves my clients well. In an increasingly globalized world, the smallest detail can have a powerful effect.

You are building your brand by earning the trust of your customers; others need to know this—contact me and I will craft your message.

Call me at +1 604 724 5663 or E-Mail me at requests@euchroma.com